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Wu Baojin,the most longevous person in Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2007-11-20

Wu Baojin, a 106-year-old person in the Tangtan Village of Beiyuan Subdistrict, is the oldest and longevous person in Yiwu.
Wu likes eating sugarcanes and fruits, especially oranges.Guicai, Wu's daughter-in-law, always braises pettitoes for Wu Baojin after she knows that Wu lives a happy and easy life.
Wu Baojin is a clean person. She will wipe her face and arrange her clothes before she sits down in the chair in front of the door. She will ask "Who are you ?" when she sees person walking over, but she will seel sad when the person doesn't reply her. She will sigh, "Guicai,  I'm old, and no one wants to rap to me."
Wu sometimes has childish behavior but she is reasonable."Because of your good care, I can live till now.Are you tired of looking after me?"She asks her daughter-in-law. Guicai smiles and says she is willing to do things for mother-in-law. Wu says, "You will be kind to me in the future like these days and I will live some more happy days."
In recent years, Wu Baojin's white eyelashes turn to black, and some black hairs come out in her calvaria. Whenever juniors or neighbors come to visit her, Wu will become very happy and cheerful, even her apppetite will become hearty.

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