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Yiwu much raved about at China Consumer Appliances Expo

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-05-23

The 2007 China Consumer Appliances Expo(CCAE 2007) was held in Yuyao from June 9 to 11. It was the first small home appliance exposition in China, an exclusive show of the achievements of China's home appliance industry. And the new products of those home appliance enterprises also represent the developing trend of China's small home appliance industry. A senior domestic sales manager told the reporter that the innovative atmosphere in CCAE 2007 reflected the intense competition in every industry in intellectual property rights and key technologies. In the future, the key links in the trans form of small home appliance enter prises will rest not only with the technology innovation, but also with the innovation in service and so on.
Although not many Yiwu smal l home appliance manufacturers exhibitedtheir products on CCAE2007, Yiwu was still much talked about there. The pioneers of home appliances industry, such as Midea and Sacon, all expressed that Yiwu market has a tremendous purchasing potential of high-end home appliances. When our reporter interviewed those inland home appliance manufacturing giants, they showed great enthusiasm as soon as they knew we came from Yiwu and also showed their confidence in purchasing potential on Yiwu market.
Lai siao Electrical Zhejiang Co., Ltd. is a suspension ceiling specialist. Its manager Li Wenwu said he knew Yiwu market very wel l and he had been to the second phase of Yiwu International Trade City several times this year. He told the reporter that Yiwu market is the authority of product price and other industry information in China or even in the entire world . Their company was planning to set up an agency in Yiwu to explore their sales markets. A high-ranking offi cial of Sacon Group highly praised the Yiwu market. He entered Yiwu market as soon as he started his business in marketing. Qi Xi nhua, the chief marketing officer of Sacon Group, told the reporter that because of the tremendous purchasing potential , especially in high
-end products in Yiwu market, Sacon products sells better in Yiwu than in other county-level markets. Some other exhibitioners like Midea and Galanz also shared the same opinion on Yiwu market.

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