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CCC adopts star-grade administration for trustworthy booths

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2007-12-11

China Commodities City(CCC) has started its star-grade administration for trust-worthy booths, which makes it easy for the businessmen to find out the credit standing of market dealers. Recently, the list of 2007 Star-grade Trustworthy Booths in all the markets of CCC was released to the public. Sources say a total of 10,488 booths have been awarded Star-grade Trust-worthy Bootys, ranging from with one star to four stars. This is the first time of selecting the Star-grade Trustworthy Booths after the regulation for the separate supervision of Trustworthy Booths was worked out in 2005.
This is an overall evaluation on the quality, brands, after-sale service and integrity of 58,000 booths in all the big markets in CCC, said Luo Bin in the interview, who is the deputy chief of Yiwu Administration for Industry&Commerce(CCC Branch). The results of these aspects will then be turned into credit scores through weighing calculations; therefore, the score-based Star-grade Trustworthy Booths are very reliable, Luo further explained.
It is learned that Yiwu Administration for Industry&Commerce(CCC Branch) carries out an evaluation on the market dealers' credit position every year and introduces some corresponding measures for rewards and punishment, in the hope to build up an integrity market. Apart from Trustworthy Booth, are awrded to some booths as well every year. However, no dishonesty record is regarded as the basic requirement for obtaining each of the above titles.
This year sees the introduction of star-grade administration into the management of Trustworthy Booths in CCC. Now, in Yiwu market s, many plates for the Star-grade Trustworthy Booths can be seen hanging on the booth stars and the number of stars on the plate indicates the degree of integrity of the booth . As a result, the small red stars are often referred to as the " Integrity Index" of the dealers in the markets of Yiwu China Small Commodities City.
According to the results of comprehensive evaluation every year, some booths may be awarded more stars, while some others may be punished with reduced stars, even stripped of the title of Trustworthy Booth, said chief of Yiwu Administration for Industry&Commerce (CCC Branch). This measure proves to be effective in improving the dealers' awareness of integrity and reflecting the dealer' actual performance in integrity business. Meanwhile, this kind of dynamic supervision represents the principle of equality and stimulates the passion of market dealers, demonstrating the perfect application of market guidance and supervision methods to the administration of the dealers' honesty business.
To further promote the credit standing of Yiwu market, Yiwu Administration for Industry&Commerce(CCC Branch) found out a set of effective measures for the credit administration, and a book was published named Credit Supervision System of China Commodities City. According to the chief of the bureau, the job of this year helps to improve the Commodities City. According to the supervision system, a flow of credit supervision steps have already been formed, from the collection of credit information to the credit evaluation, credit information feedback, and then to the dynamic separate supervision. In the first half of this year, the third credit information collection of the market kicked off, and has collected 2,872 records of credit information. With the experience on the credit information collection in previous years, the bureau has further perfected the way of collecting credit information . Throughh the credit evaluation, the list of dishonest dealers is declared, which plays an important role in educating the dealers in the market. In the daily routine, the separate supervision based on the credit information helps to improve the working efficiency as well.

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