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Futian 3 market,New modern Market

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-12-16

Futian 3 Market Overview
International Trade City 3 market for 840 acres of the total area, with a total construction area of 1.75 million square meters, including underground construction area of 320,000 square meters, the floor area of 1.43 million square meters construction, the project is expected to amount to 5 billion yuan investment.
According to the "digital, international, standardized, and humanity," the three prominent market "green, environmental protection, energy saving" ideas, can be opened into mobile skylights, rainwater recycling, and other advanced facilities for the planning, construction and functions to realize innovation. After the completion of three International Trade City market will become a new generation of the market signs.
Currently, its international trade city market a three stage project, covering 524 acres, with a total construction area of 1 million square meters, 14,800 booths designed, 8,000 parking spaces by the Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Hangzhou planning and design, Jackie Chan Construction Group Ltd., Sheng Yuan Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Civil Construction Company Limited, Cathay Pacific Holdings Ltd., Zhejiang building construction. Three phase project before the end of March 2008 Civil top knot, by the end of September 2008 and be completed before decorating pay for the use, during the 2008 Fair opened.
Ten functional innovation
Business models and innovative ways services
Make full use of digital and electronic means, through the addition of electronic financial settlement center, and e-commerce features online transaction center, broadband households, with the full digital guide signs, digital media publishing and media enquiries system, fully reflects the way business models and services Digital, humane, causing a new generation of digital marketing.
Design Concept Innovation
By supporting the functions of the areas outside the premises and premises and moved to a side lane concentrated area, the market has become not changed distribution, HVAC equipment, such as noise and industry and commerce, taxation, law, order and act on lobby influence The relative independence, and convenient exchange act beautiful business environment.
Architectural features innovative market
Through the top of the market in the atrium design can be completed translation of skylights, thus increasing the top of the building in the atrium functions, to the crowd in case of emergency evacuation is conducive to the safety and fire fighting. At the same time, additional lighting and fresh air, to give full expression to the market three scientific, security, environmental protection, energy saving building concept.
Traffic Organization innovative market
In the market near the entrance to the main taxi stops are left, and the market around Central Bus Station urban road settings, and make full use of clean energy efficient and effective public transport bus for the Central City Business facilitate businessmen on the operation of the regional traffic . Innovative ways to evacuate people. Bottom created automatically when people walk into the Road, the main entrance, the application of international aviation in the usual way in Hong Kong, the main entrance into the market from central service system.
Market service system innovations
Set additional systematic, professional, leisure, entertainment and an integrated support services in the leisure market in the Street, and fully meet the parking, financial and business, leisure and entertainment needs of the matching function.
The main entrance features innovation
In the south side of the entrance hall on the first floor additional procurement, foreign service centres at the same time, three to five for the rest VIP reception hall, press releases, e-commerce, information and other digital features, and fully meet the e-commerce capabilities, translation Business procurement function and press releases functional needs.
Regional market link between innovation
Three market I, II blocks the connection between the market, the use of market-wide connectivity, and are provided in each vertical connecting traffic to connect body itself can prosper, and continue to direct the market.
Materials innovation
Through the use of new building materials to the external walls, roof, windows, ground effects, such as insulation, give full expression to the scientific nature of the energy saving and environmental protection.
The use of innovative energy
Through the roof to install solar energy, electricity solve some of the equipment, so as to reduce the pressure on cities peak, to the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, and improving economic efficiency and environmental benefits.
The use of water resources innovation
Through the use of stormwater and sewage diversion, the additional use of recycled rainwater collection systems and water-saving devices used in all the means to achieve effective water-saving purposes.

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