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Yiwu International Trade City Phase 3 the largest individual building in China

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-12-06

Yiwu International Trade City (phase III):the largest individual building in China, with 6,000 building workers' hard work, will be up to horizontal level in days

The  third phase of Yiwu International Trade City(YWICC) can be called the largest individual building project in China presently. It's located in the area west of Chunfeng Avenue, north of Yinhai Road, East of  Futian Road and south of Chengxin Avenue. The total site area is 840 Mu, and the total building area is 1.75 million m2 ,including 0.32 million m2 underground building area and 1.43 million m2 aboveground building area. The total budget of the third phase of YWICC reaches 5 billion yuan,equal to the total scale of the first two phase of YWICC.
The Third phase of YWICC emphasizes the idea of "green, envionmental friendly and energy saving", realizing the innovation in the aspects of market service system, the function of main entrance, design concepts, business and service modes,the organization of market traffics, connection between different market area, market building function, building materials, energy utilizaton, water utilization. And the third phase of YWICC introduces advanced facilities like mobile roof windows, rainfall collection system and solar energy generator.
Compared with other markets, the third phase of Yiwu YWICC increases new facilities and services, such as inner entertainment walking street, the passsenger conveyer in ground floor which has been used in international airports, service center for purchasers and foreign dealers in the hall near the south entrance, the VIP halls from third floor to fifth floor, the function of news release, on-line e-business and information inquiry, electronic financial clearing center, on-line business center, wideband service, digital purchase guidance, and digital news releasing and inquiry system. Near each entrances of the market, taxi parking will be set. Meanwhile, several bus stops will be set around the market building for future circle bus routes.
The width side of the third phase of YWICC will connect the first and the second section of the market.The mobile roof windows can be used to improve the fire control, lighting and air circulation situations. The solar energy system can provide electricity for some equipment, and the separated rainfall and polluted water processing system can collect  and reuse the rainfall. The project of the third phase of Yiwu YWICC carries out the construction of the first part, which covers an area of 24 Mu with a total building area of 1 million m2 and will provide 14,800 booths and 8,000 parking spaces. As an unusual enormous project in China, the construction units and supervision units put the quality of the third phase of YWICC in the first place.It's learned that the construction work continues 24 hours a day, the management staff of the construction office take their positions all the time since the first day of construction Wherever construction units go, they will supervise the quality of their work, and they even didn't have a one-day break. The technicians also work overtime frequently. The construction units and supervision units all operate under the instruction of a series of strict construction regulations and systems.

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