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Electric toy industry:Booming business,lower price

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2008-09-28

Due to the overall sluggish sales in the toy industry, the electric toy market in the International Trade Mart (Phase I) achieved limited export trade volume in August, but it saw a booming business in the domestic sale . In August,the monthly price index of electric toy reached 98 . 11,a new lowest point which decreased by 0 . 34 point on a month-onmonth basis,a drop of 0 . 35 percentï¼›while remaining stable,the prosperity index increased by 12. 66 points to reach 806. 14, a rise of 1.6 percent.
The prospects seemed promising for energy-saving and environmentfriendly commodities . For example,as soon as the solar-energy flower and solar-energy head-shaking doll were put on the market,they received great attention from purchasers in different places and sold well even in the period of slack sales . Many dealers held the view that energy-saving and environment-protection should be the direction for development in the electric toy market,which would bring this industry a promising future .
In the meantime, intelligence toys and safe electric toys were also popular with the purchasers . Presently,many types of electric toys are being improved through high technology,with their sizes miniaturized and their intelligence bettered . For example,a voice-control doll can not only sing songs, but also talk with people . The prominent technological advantage of
similar products and their mind-beneficial functions have endeared themselves to the consumers in a broad market .

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