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Lighting fixture sales recovered

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-09-28

According to the China Yiwu Commodities Index,the lighting fixture and battery market turned from September after the sales
off-season in July and August . Influenced by the restrictions on foreigners' entry into China during the Olympic Games,the
recovery is a bit later this year with a slight improvement of the sales as a whole .
It is learned from the businessmen that domestic decoration increased after September when the weather began to get cold. With more and more importance is attached to the energysaving and environmentfriendly products, the sales of energy-saving
lamps are rising . Medium and high-grade lamps of three primary colors are hit products in the neighboring markets . And the sales of traditional energysaving lamps in spiral, ball or column mode are high as well, which are mainly aimed at the domestic market.
With the approaching of the peak time for traveling at home and abroad, the orders of camping lamps, tent lamps and barn lanterns increase . The good sales of solar-energy portable camping lamps and hand-operated battery tent lamps increase the sales of battery products . The new orders for seasonal goods such as Christmas lights and Festive lanterns are relatively
few . Confronted with the rise of raw material price and increase of labor cost, a majority of the businessmen don't improve the price of products and the recent prices are stable .

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