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Jiangdong Bus Station:Extend the booking time

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2012-04-03

  The Jiangdong station is for passenger province-based short-haul, the riding time is between 1-3 hours. Passenger flow includes visit relatives flow, the flow of students, tourist flow. The main direction of the passenger is Yongkang, Hengdian, Dongyang, Longgang, Wenzhou, Luqiao, Linhai and Lishui. To ensure that the visitors can buy a ticket to leave on the same day, Jiangdong station contacted and asked the car owners to fully carry out the preparatory work of the shuttle maintenance and work overtime , to ensure that transportation facilities in place.
In order to ensure the working of ticket system during Tomb-sweeping Day, April 2 - 4 the station ticket hall open four ticket window, to extend the selling time. One temporary ticket window will be opened; in the short-distance passenger traffic peak time open the green ticket channel

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