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The leaders of Communications and Transport Ministry inspect Yiwu logistics cons

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-13

Yesterday, the director of international cooperation department of National Communications and Transport Ministry, Ju Chengzhi had a special trip to Yiwu to survey international logistics and ocean transportation. He expresses that he will support Yiwu international logistics developing to a higher and wider level with all his efforts, promoting comprehensive reformation of international trade to a deeper level together.

  Ju Chengzhi and others inspected the first-stage project of Yiwu Inland port stations and international trade city. He also had an informal meeting with department principals of Yiwu transportation and logistics. He said, Yiwu pilot reform has went up to national strategy. This requires that the development of Yiwu logistics should be considered more widely and highly. Especially in the construction of "Yiwu port", wen should break the limit of regional administrative levels. He suggested that Yiwu should make logistics blend in Northeast Asia with the help of Northeast logistics information service net.

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