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What is the new point of pilot reform

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-12

The first task is building new trading pattern of market purchasing.
What is the new aspect of Yiwu, the new special area?
  Building new trading pattern of market purchasing is the major task which is suggested by pilot reform overall plan. And it is the core of Yiwu pilot reform. Yiwu has to explore building a new channel and way which hold the major contents of fair market subject, Commodity classification management and accountability system. This shoud be managed and mobilized quickly and organize import , export and switch trade all around the world. At the same time, the related departments such as Customs、Industry and Commerce and Inspection and Quarantine should build corresponding system.
  To be brief, Yiwu takes the responsibility to promote optimization of export products mix and transformation and upgrade of industry, innovate at the aspects such as trade management and service, building modern trade circulation system.
  Yiwu has faced many annoyance. For example, the like products of one factory will be checked one time under current commodity inspection law . But the biggest characteristic of Yiwu export is mixed goods and mixed container. A container is all-inclusive and is equal to a small supermarket. It is impossible to check one by one.

  Many common failing of traditional foreign trade model have been improved by Yiwu quietly. In recent years, in order to improve the service efficiency, some departments such as commodity inspection and customs have made many convenient method for Yiwu. For example, the travel shopping goods and simplify classification policy of customs head office can let customs declarers to report according to material and function. There is no need to report according to big category first and then small chapters. The commodity inspection department rules that all goods should be a container as a inspection lot. For the container which has dozen or hundred of goods, it should be checked according to the goods with high risk.But strictly, tthese methods are not based on law.
  The state council clearly requires at the official reply of overall plan of Yiwu international trade comprehensive pilot reform," Yiwu should deepen reform and goes ahead of the rest on the international trade key point and link, exploring building new trade system."Accordingly, Yiwu will move away stones which obstruct forward one by one.
  The new Special Area also includes building tangible and intangible market, makeing use of inland and international market integratedly. Building International production material market of 12 square meter, Yiwu will plan to build electronic business park, develop the third party e-commerce platform and foster e-commerce subject. According to the requirement of promoting integrated development inland and foreign trade in overall plan, Yiwu is hopeful to build  national-grade commodity international trade area and African products exhibition center which are Import commodities fair &trade zone and import goods duty free zone.
  At April 19, in the new fifth section of Yiwu international trade city, the import commodity hall of 100000 square meter is remarkable. More than 30000 unique goods from 75 countries and regions gather here. It is a new passageway for foreign products to get into Chinese market.
  This may marks that Chinese foreign trade pattern trend to change from encouraging export but limiting import to the balance of import and export. In the future, Yiwu trade pattern will realize linkage of export,import and switch trade.It will change from past Chinese export bridgehead to Chinese international trade bridgehead.

What will Yiwu be in the future?
Tangible and intangible market develop together, "On-line commodity city" will become bigger.
  Because the "Made in China" is enclosed more significant meaning, Yiwu has realized sustainable development and transformation upgrade of commodity city. But the unique market purchasing trade pattern will make transformation upgrade face more challenge.

  For example, the management of commodity city faces a special problem: The produce company, purchaser and individual enterprise, who should take the responsibilities of commodity quality problem and intellectual property problem? Not only the inland market should be managed.Foreign merchants should also be managed.
  Innovation and wisdom can solve these problems
Yiwu is ambitious to manage this market which is bigger than itself.
  Depending on market, Yiwu should manage import and export at the same time. The sectary of municipal party committee, Huang Zhiping said,"We must focus on product quality and commercial merchants. The product quality must be in line with country standard. Commercial merchants should be honest. All functional departments should cooperate with each other. In the most important aspect of market supervision, each department can check commodity quality.
  The mayor He Meihua said confidently,"In the past years, Commodity City devoted itself to expand quantity. Now ,Yiwu should put credit in the first grade and use the quality to win.

  In the future, tangible and intangible market will develop together and "On-line commodity city" will become bigger.Addition to traditional market, new market with modern information technology will appear. People of Yiwu know this clearly: The traditional market is short of possibilities of infinite extension. The subjects of future market are modern exhibitions, creative design, quality inspection and brands.

  In the future, Yiwu will build a series of modern logistics of bonded warehouse and comprehensive bonded areas, making a Chinese logistics panel point city and comprehensive transportation system.

Yiwu takes a steady step.The remodeling of " Made in China" will not last long.

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