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Christmas Season is Coming in Summer

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-04

Christmas goods industry in the global financial crisis in 2008 when the city is still constantly coming orders increased turnover grew Good News. However, standing on the threshold of the 2012 sales season, the other hand, in the past three years, Christmas items but experiencing other industries can not feel the gap - fewer and fewer orders. Of view, such a situation to remove the industry team to grow, increased competition with labor, raw materials and other factors is the most relevant findings from the Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association. Difficult to see that this is a labor-intensive industry is suffering from "winter". In this sense, only to face up to Christmas orders crisis and accelerate the industry reshuffle to strengthen industrial foundation, Christmas items, absolute export-orientated industry in order to usher in foreign trade after the "winter" spring.

The sadness of the "Christmas tree"

  At noon yesterday in the International Trade City District, the fourth floor of a renovated upscale Christmas tree to place the colored lights blazing. Is seriously boss Zhuzhi Juan newspaper, see Reporters came and immediately put down the newspaper, smiling: "Which foreign trade company ah? Looking for goods?
  Zhu Zhijuan commercial spaces from the layout to the style of decoration, and other home appears to be very brisk, but she was a heavy sigh, said: "arrangement so well do not know to whom the original, as in previous years has been customer surplus door, business is booming, and after the Spring Festival, Zhu Zhijuan specially renovated the shop, looking forward to the coming year the business more booming. However, she was in such a busy season playing the "yawn". In previous years, this time I was busy turned to endless orders, is now preparing themselves for a variety of orders, afraid that the factory did not list started. Zhuzhi Juan and her husband operate a Christmas tree plant one hundred workers, the cost of a year nearly 800 million, so, so cold the market let her worried.
  "Italy's old customers every year place the order of one million yuan, but in this year, a few million." Zhuzhi Juan paused and said, "I did not give him." She did not want to produce products to the old passenger The reason is that the guests commissioned by foreign trade companies in the Zhu Zhijuan the store took pictures of the new products produced elsewhere, only some of the price transparency of the old models still entrusted to her factory processing.

New products are all in "patent car”

  "This is a Christmas tree, snow is new this year." The Baoshan crafts shop door stood two unique shape of the Christmas tree. Drift of white foam particles "has been out of the top of the tree, like a snow scene." Person in charge of Po-shing Woo emphasized that "This is a patented product." It is said that the designers of the product not the world's Christmas will be snow, which trees snow Christmas tree just is able to create the atmosphere of the snow, therefore selling well.

 Christmas tree has patent, so does the Christmas ball.

  "This is called the painted ball, we have not Glitter produced Christmas ball." Edda handicraft factory in Yiwu, the general manager said. Christmas items, Christmas ball usefulness of a wider, more than 10 years, the most frequent style changes in the Christmas ball, Glitter Christmas balls, stickers, balls and other products. Forest timber described in this painting the ball using inkjet technology, compared to production with the production of Christmas ball, save more than half of the artificial. This product is listed for two months, booked through the end of July. "Forest timber orders Russian guests, but also the guests of Europe, America and Africa.
  Christmas ball Glitter wrapped a full sphere, to create a shiny effect. Christmas business is bad in my warehouse inventory Glitter probably have dozens of tons, in previous years are just enough to sell, never inventory so much. "Xu Gengsheng Fung Choi flash material factory boss, his production of gold onion powder in 40% of sales to manufacturers of Christmas goods from the inventory, therefore, he will judge this year's Christmas supplies market.
  Xu survivors do not realize that Christmas ball is moving towards the survival of another state, his Glitter might no longer be less than market.

Want to sell the products abroad by themselves

  After the Spring Festival, Yang Air crafts early to get a few large single boss F, Lu Hui was very practical, organize production to more smoothly.
  "We have a customer under the orders of-season sales, when in the end of 2011 has given us orders In addition, some other old customers came to us in March this year the order." F, Lu Hui said.
  F, Lu Hui, customers are large supermarkets in Europe, there are also large dealers. Although these customers place orders early, but F, Lu Hui also has his concern. Customers like this, not only pushes prices low, and an order will be able to account for business productivity, a third or more, the initiative in each other's hands, once the other party to terminate the cooperation, enterprises face great risk. Last year, the floor, Lu Huifu women both market inspection Christmas shopping in Europe. Eyes to see the prices of their products in European supermarkets, indeed, eat a surprise: the ex-factory price and retail price of the product is a whole difference of six or seven times. The ex-factory price to retail price spread of every tree was earned away by the middlemen and retailers of foreign and Chinese enterprises only earn a little bit.
  Back from the European study, F. Lu Hui has been wondering where to start my own Christmas goods store. If the shop, he also give their own business orders, do not sit and foreign Christmas orders, you can also self-adjust the full year of production. Profits "under their own orders will certainly be a lot better, and then a master time flexibility, and our production schedule will be very smooth, without waiting for their time."
  Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, the Secretary-General Chen Jinlin, said: "Many of our enterprises together may be able in the United States, a large supermarket, now has several companies in Germany to open Christmas supplies supermarkets, this should become the future a trend. "said Chen Jinlin, the development of the industry not only to develop new products, enhance the influence of the entire manufacturing brand, increase the value of the products, but also pay attention to change the mode of expansion, expand the channels to make some changes to avoid with malignant counterparts of the competition.

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