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Yiwu economic crimes cases fell into 2%

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-28

Stabilizing the province's economy rebound in the larger environment, the Yiwu market economic order, compared with last year has shown a good trend. Statistics show that so far, Yiwu China Commodity City Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau for investigation and a total of 251 cases of various types of economic crimes, big and important cases 158, fines 4.1095 million yuan. The number of cases fell 20 percent, down 8.2% in the number of major cases, fines are down 14%. It is understood that from the beginning of this year, Yiwu China Commodity City Branch of Industry and Commerce Bureau through the adoption of special specifications, administrative guidance, home helping, advocacy training, etc., in the "special period" given to Yiwu market, "special care", launched this year various special nature of concentrated rectification actions 74 times, dispatched more than 500 times law enforcement officers. For helping business to tide over the sub-cadres, the per capita contact two market businesses, to enterprises issued a "business proposals" more than 100 copies, results are obvious. In addition, Yiwu China Commodity City Branch of Industry and Commerce Bureau, this year has sent in more than 20 laws and regulations, training, a thousand people participated in the training market, business, enhanced self-discipline. Protection of intellectual property work, Yiwu China Commodity City Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau has also spared no effort has focused on normative activities carried out 44 times, involving clothing, bedding, toys, jewelry, bags, electronics, belts and other industries, focusing on masks, Simulation bread, low-voltage electrical appliances and other commodities to be checked. The discovery of minor problems, use of books issued an administrative warning means of administrative guidance and supervise the rectification conscious businesses. Yiwu China Commodity City branch of Commerce and Industry Bureau official said the current market, handling the business sector is trying to change the concept of concept in law enforcement to seek a breakthrough, and strive to be the business sector to support economic development and the fight against illegal combine two functions, in order to Yiwu market's stability and prosperity escort.

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