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Yiwu Mayor Meets Milan Guests

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-28

Yesterday, the mayor of Ho Yin Du Hotel in the United States and China met with the vice president of Milan, Italy Stefano nodi Martino and the rate of delegation. The two sides on how to further strengthen economic, cultural and other exchanges and cooperation in various fields were consulted. Milan is Italy's second largest city, traffic developed, is Italy's most important financial center, with Italy's largest wholesale market and stock exchanges. Two years ago, the success of Yiwu, held in Milan, Yiwu Market Promotion Conference. At present, the International Trade City Museum of imported goods from Italy, the introduction of part of the clothing, shoes and other products. What the United States and China right Martino and his entourage welcome. He said, Yiwu and Milan in the industrial structure and so there are many similarities in the development of industry experience and practice have much to learn from. Strengthen cooperation with Milan, cooperation, and to adjust the Yiwu market commodity structure, optimize product quality and meet people's growing demand for branded goods; are conducive to promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing sector, Yiwu Small Commodity; be helpful in raising the degree of internationalization of the Yiwu market. Martino is already the fourth came to Yiwu. He said that not only this piece of land of Yiwu, he is very interested in overseas Chinese in Milan, Chamber of Commerce in particular. He hoped that the Italian brand Yiwu become a showcase window. The two sides can not only economically, but also in culture, education and other areas to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation.

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