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Yiwu start ten uncivilized behavior assessment

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-10-05

Yesterday, reporter learned from Yiwu City, created to do, Yiwu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, to create Office, Department of Education and other departments have jointly organized following the "Ten uncivilized behavior" appraisal activities. Yiwu "Ten uncivilized behavior," mainly from the environment, health, transport travel, public order and personal image, and so focus on four areas, listed 20 actions uncivilized behavior. The general public can fill out the questionnaire, poll the network, telephone, etc., and actively participate in council activities.

Been reviewed 20 uncivilized behavior are: spitting, blackmail misplacing pets, littering, open defecation, random stops of vehicles, crossing the road running red lights, riding motorcycles without wearing helmets, throw the car debris, driving while talking, Jeeves business, Luantie advertising, things do not queue up, trampled grass, picking flowers, occupation or damage to public property, public places barefoot back light, loud noise, no smoking areas smoking, swearing foul language, theater loud calls.

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