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Comments of guests and dealers on Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-05

With "Serving Customers Home and Abroad" as its tenet,and  "Ever-improving Quality"and "Development Based on Innovation" as its theme,the 2007China Yiwu International Commodities Fair was opend on October 22.Here are some of the comments made by exhibitors and visitors at the fair.
"It is highly specialized."
"I should say Yiwu Fair is one of great influence and is becoming more and more speicialized.On the first day of the fair,I had a strong feeling of its high speciality.Yiwu has the largest wholesal market for daily commodities with consummate industrial chain and supporting markets.This is the incomparable advantage that Yiwu has,"said an exhibitior from Guangzhou.
An exhibitor from Jiangsu Province said,"the number of famous brands displayed is the best standard to judge whether the fair is a specialized exhibition.I saw there were at the fair not only famous brands and regional famous brands but also brands with their own specialities.Especially in the mail exhibition hall, a lot of Yiwu exhibitors are 'China Famous Brands'.It's really great!"
"So many foreign purchasers made the fair an international show."
"I've never seen so many foreign purchasers at Yiwu fair over the past specially for the exhibition or they do business in Yiwu all year round.Anyhow,it is good for exhibitors.After all ,an exhibition without foreign purchasers cannot be called an international exhibition,"remarked a pen-making exhibitor from Quzhou,Zhejiang Province.
An exhibitor from Anhui Province said,"yiwu commodities fairs has a good fame especially among mainland enterprises.I learnt from the newspaper that more than 10 thousand foreign purchasers would attend the fair.It is surely to be true.Just in a few hours,I saw many foreigners of different colors and lanuages.Inever imagine Yiwu fair is so attractive to foreigh purchasers as well."
"The service is good and can be better."
An exhibitor of sports and stationery commodities from Wenzhou commented,"Servece at the fair is good,especially food and drinks.At the previous fairs,it was hard to get drinks except coffee.This time,there is no such problem.I am deeply impressed with your volunteers' considerate service and sweet smile.Thank you."
An exhibitor from Hangzhou complained,"The service at the fair can be better.We know from the conference card that showing the card we can take buses free of charge.But today when I took a bus,I was asked to pay.The conductor told me that it was a bus going between downtown and suburban areas, not city bus,But since I am not a local citizen how could I know that?I think such service need to be improved."

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