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2008 CYCPTF will display boundless charm of international cultures

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-04-27

What will China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair(2008)show us at the end of April? According to resources, the Fair this year will focus on the development of cultural industry, emphasize its cultural feature and interpret the boundless charm of international cultures . At the moment, those outstanding Chinese folk cultures, folk custom from 25 different countries, and those fabulous international cultures wi l l be demonstrated on the five-day exhibition .China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair(2008)shows great concern on the theme of culture . More than 40 kinds of cultural products from five main trades of stationery, painting, calligraphy & antiques, arts and crafts, cultural arts and ornamen tal stones will take part in the exhibition .

Zhejiang is a province rich in the intangible cultural heritages . To demonstrate these outstanding folk cultures, the Provincial Department of Culture sets up the intangible cultural heritage exhibition section with an area of 2000 to show those splendid local folk crafts in Zhejiang province, including traditional and con temporary folk crafts . The folk craftsmen in Yiwu will take part in the exhibition as well .

Compared with the former Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fairs, the Fair this year adds more international elements . It's the first time to set up international cultural communication exhibition section ,which covers an area of 2000  with 140 exhibition booths . 28 countries such as New Zealand ,South Africa , Egypt, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, South Koreaand Philippines will take part in the exhibition . They will show their tourism culture, education culture folk custom and enterprise culture in the exhibition . It’s possible for visitors to enjoy exotic cultures like Italian paintings, South Korean TV series and Japanese antiques . In South African Diamond Section,a group of top quality diamonds such as the imitations of the famous diamonds of “Star of Africa “ and ”Star of Ocean”, the colorful South African diamonds and some diamonds with the weight over 3 carats . Egypt also arranges a 15-member art troupe to show visitors their unique music and traditional dance during the Fair.

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