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Yiwu fair 2007 First day trade volume of 4.09 billion yuan

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-10-26

On October 22, 2007 China Yiwu International Small Commodities Fair opened on the first day, and the main exhibition hall at the exhibition venue total transaction volume reached 4.09 billion yuan, growing 16.2% from the previous.
According to statistics, meaning the first day of the Expo exhibition in the volume of transactions, the main exhibition hall for 2.66 billion yuan, the branch venues for 1.43 billion yuan, of which foreign trade turnover of 350 million US dollars, accounting for the same day total turnover of 65.3%.
Fair justice at home and abroad because of the visibility and reputation growing, domestic and foreign buyers that justice Fair opened the news earlier rushed in from everywhere to have many buyers moved from the GTF - Fair. The first day of the exhibition, both domestic and foreign businessmen who are like tidal influx exhibition hall, exhibition hall and businessmen particularly common in Europe and the United States, the Economic and Trade Fair is extremely active.
   According Meihu HKCEC Access Control System statistics, the first day of the current justice Fair, the participants in the main exhibition hall and the scene inside and outside the professional audiences totaling 29,823 people, an increase of 14.8%, of which overseas merchants 8196, from the previous 13.6% growth over the same period, from 152 countries and, in the professional audiences totaling 21,627, up from the previous 15.3%; Click on the online-Fair has been as high as 134052 passengers for the same period the previous 4.19 times.
Reportedly, the 9-Fair industries and large pavilion exhibits generally favor by both domestic and foreign businessmen, daily provisions, stylistic supplies, handicrafts, jewelry, and other industry products, particularly gifted new products, abnormal eye-catching, especially festive scenes negotiations, European and American businessmen also the most concentrated, to the whole show set a good head.

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