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Yiwu:a city of exhibition,too

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2008-01-28

The Fourth China Exhibition Summit Forum & 2007 "China Exhibtion Star" Awarding Ceremony was opened grandly in Shanghai recently, which was jointly organized by the journal named First Conference & Exhibition, China Conference & Exhibition Union(CCEU), the Joint Conference of National City Exhibition Office (Industry Association), and the Organizing Committee of China Exhibition Summit Forum.
In the meeting, Yiwu was honored as one of the 2007 China ten Best Exhibition Cities, and Zheng Xiangjun, Gneral Manager of Yiwu China Commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd, was awarded the title of one of the 2007 China Exhibition Ten Annual Figures".Besides, China International Hardware & Electric Equipment Fair and Yiwu Consumalble Export Fair, two brand exhibitions of Yiwu China Commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd, were listed among the 2007 China Ten most Recognizable National Level exhibitions and among China's Most recognizable Exhibitions for Special Industruies respectively. In recent years, Yiwu has persevered in taking the development road called "developing exhibition", and the remarkable achievements the city has gained as well as the exhibition economy with Yiwu characteristics have received praise from all the distinguished guests in the meeting.Moreover, ass the boost motor for the deveopment of Yiwu exhibition industry, Yiwu China commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd has finally been recognized and repaid after so many years of efforts in spurring Yiwu exhibition industry.

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