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Consumers third Yiwu fair held on the 21st

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-04-11

Third Yiwu Fair exports of consumer goods next month, 21-23 at Meihu Exhibition Centre. Currently, 800 international standard booths basic "Minghuaweizhu", more than 20 national name brand enterprises exhibitors; investment situation is also very gratifying, more than 500 professional participants Buyer reservation, then 4 more than 10,000 home and abroad will be to will negotiate a procurement.
The exhibition of "relying on the source of industrial advantages structures enterprises export platforms" of the market, specialization, and international brand, and information into goals, relying on the world's largest wholesale market for consumer goods, with the international economic and trade platform in Yiwu , and promote exchange and cooperation. Consumers charge of the fair organizing committee said that in 2007 China Exhibition Star annual awards Festival, Yiwu China Consumers fair has been rated as the most influential industry trade show brands. At the same time, elimination of Yiwu fair exhibition industry has become the most development potential of the show.
It is understood that the third elimination fair exhibitors has increased the quality and grades, more than 20 national name brand enterprises such as the new Tianlong Group, Hangzhou Zhang Koizumi, Zhejiang Phoenix Chemical, Long Lufthansa Group, Seoul silver ware, double Tong tube for exhibitors. Show outward degrees have also expanded, mainly from the participating enterprises in Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang provinces and municipalities across the nation, including 18 in Hong Kong and China, more than 82 per cent of Yiwu, enterprises, foreign enterprises have 11, six from South Korea and Germany's trade enterprises of the two countries on many products manufacturing enterprises. Exhibitors include household goods, home decorations, clothing home textiles, bags, hats, footwear, automotive supplies, and other major categories. Special booths with markedly increased, 5 brands Museum all use special equipment, demonstrated Consumers rendezvous with the overall image of style.
Consumers fair, the marketing campaign and investment work in the final sprint stage. Mall companies fully with the GTF exhibition, the fair, Fair event publicity, the use of the international delegation of the favorable opportunities abroad, in Dusseldorf, Germany clothing exhibition, Panama International Exposition, Turkey Textile Exhibition, Cologne Hardware Chin, the United States supplies Orlando outdoor exhibition, the Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition, as well as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other areas related to show some strong marketing campaign, to increase their visibility both at home and abroad.
According to statistics, at present, have come from Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other regions, and Japan, South Korea, Peru, Taiwan, more than 500 professional buyers booking participants. Recently, the organizing committee has received more than 200 e-mail outside Buyer participants, some business units and groups also have various forms of the Organizing Committee counseling. By then, both at home and abroad are expected to come from the more than 40,000 merchants will be to negotiate a procurement.

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