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2008 Yiwu cultural Fair advertise ads vigorous

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2008-04-16

Before 2008 that the organizing committee will be cultural Fair, use similar exhibition to promote city, sending the team site interviews, news media and other means, all the marketing campaign will be carried out cultural Fair work, and achieved better results.

Active in the city delegation to attend the show, well-known and effective use of the municipal leaders to visit advocacy groups on the opportunity to promote cultural Fair; all invitations will be issued cultural Fair and mass-mailing to attract more buyers participants the full use of domestic and foreign famous TV , newspapers, professional journals, and websites, and other media to advertise cultural Fair, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, the United States, "World Journal", Canada, "Canada-China Times" and other media were Kanbo on cultural Fair topics will be reported in the CCTV Shanghai Oriental TV, the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite TV, the Hong Kong Asia Satellite TV ads will be broadcast cultural Fair image tablets; strengthen cultural Fair advertise online, and the inside and outside well-known site, will be issued cultural Fair information, such as Sina, Sohu and online cultural Fair website for a 40 day links GOOGLE search engine on the 12 cultural Fair keyword search began operation on March 25, in Yiwu, Jinhua cultural Fair news media briefing will be preparations for the conference. March 27, cultural Fair News issue held in Hangzhou.

The city's cultural Fair propaganda, Ambience also created intense manner. Developed a city news media awareness programmes, there are plans to organize series of publicity through the press units for the city will Kanbo cultural Fair advertising films, promotional posters, and timely news gathering clues for interviews and reports; specialized organizations and Yiwu Handelsblatt Yiwu Television reporter Multi-subunit composition, field interviews to participating enterprises.

City will make full use of outdoor advertising, bus, taxi and hotels, and other window, along the main road, the main city in key areas, and other places and, to promote the city.

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