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Yiwu:goes two thirds of China's export of Christmas gifts

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-23

At the largest small commodity distibuting center in the world, Yiwu has gradually revealed its gathering power in trade of Christmas gifts. According to the insiders, the export of Christmas gifts this year began in February and March, with May and October as its booming seasons. Dun to the strong influence of the small commodity market, Christmas gifts, as one of the main kinds of small commodities, are beginning to draw more and more attention from both the dealers and buyers. Besides the some one thousand foreign traders, who live in Yiwu doing business and joining the purchase of Christmas gifts every year, many other foreign businessmen have been attracted to Yiwu by its reputation of small commodities. Some even made a special trip from abroad to purchase Christmas gifts in the city.
Meanwhile, more and more domestic Christmas gifts enterprises value Yiwu market and begin to come here from all parts of the world. At present, over two-thirds of the Christmas gifts enterprises in China have either set up factories or opened their sale windows. According to some dealers, apart from the traditional Christmas gifts like pompon,fancy lantern, pendant, strand-bell, Santa Claus costume and toy, some new-type Christmas gifts, such as snow Santa Claus, crystal Christmas tree and hightech Christmas toy, have come to expand the market this yearr. As usual, the Christmas toy, have come to expand the market this year. As usual, the Christmas gifts this year appeal to the businessmen from home and abroad with low price and abundance in kinds.
According to the prelininary statistics and rough estimate of the related departments, the export volume of Yiwu Christmas gifts in the first three quarters exceeded 50 million dollars, up 30 percent against the same period of last year. This figure only indicates the export trade volume of Yiwu local enterprises with self-run right, so it can not reveal the actual total volume of Christmas gifts exported abroad through Yiwu, said some staff members from the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.
Attracted by Yiwu, the globally largest small commodity distributing center, toy enterprises from all over the country came to share the pruchasing orders from the foreign businessmen.Many of them exported their products via Ningbo and Shanghai after getting the orders successfully.As a result, it is difficult to have accurate numbers about the export volume of Christmas gifts. This year, the Christmas gifts exported from Yiwu take 70 percent of American and Mexican markets and over 50 percent of European market.
In Mexico, all levels of Christmas gifts can be found in the high-grade shopping center and street stalls. Mexico is going to have a China-made Christmas, the local media said,when commenting on the China-made Christmas gifts. But it is interesting to notice that almost all the medium and low grade China-made Christmas gifts were exported through Yiwu.
Presently, nearly all the Christmas gifts and ornaments available in many foreign countries like Mexico are from China. The low price and kind-richness of China-made products, especially the labor-intensive Christmas gifts, can always catch the eyes of American and European businessmen. Cannadian businessman Ianniquc said Yiwu is his main purchase destination for Christmas gifts, adding that some businessmen in his country, who previously purchased through secondhand dealers, also came to Yiwu themselves for procurement after getting the information.

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