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700 volunteers serve at Yiwu Fair

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-11-16

During the annually held Yiwu International Commodities Fair(YWICF), you may see groups of volunteers wearing red waistcoats and red hats , busy offering service here and there to visitors and traders. These youn volunteers are really indispensable to the Fair now.
Over the 13 year since 1995, YWICF has been growing up with the yearly contribution from its volunteers. And this year volunteers were trying to offer better service, promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutualhelp, and progress", and show the image of " a culture-enriched Yiwu and a ceremonious trade city". With their practice, the volunteers played the theme song of the Fair----Youth.
This year, there were over 5000 applicants for volunteering to work for the Fair, aged 14 to 40. Among them 700 were recruited. They were from more than 20 provinces and regions, and were such people as college students, overseas students, civilservants, teachers, workers frm enterprises and free-lancers.
Apart from local volunteers, more and more students from other colleges and universities were sent to YWICF as volunteers. Zhejiang Normal University and Jinhua College of Profeession & Technology sent teams to serve the Fair every year, while Zhejiang Shuren University in Hangzhou also sent its group of volunteers for the first time.
Volunteers for this year's Fair showed an all-round quality never seen in the previous fairs. Take foreign languages for example, almost each of the 700 volunteers could speak at least one of the five languages like English, Japanese, Korean, German and French, so that they could better serve the ever more internationalized Yiwu Fair.

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