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Sweet somanthus blooms earlier

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2007-11-13

The cool weather in this late summer and the continuous rainfall in early autumn are two natural factors that have contributed to the early blooming of sweet osmanthus. With the wet weather clearing up, osmanthus floweers begin to bloom, with the whole city filled with a delicate fragrance . In each place where osmanthus trees grow, some tiny yellow flowers can be found among leaves.
Weyue Osmanthus Garden is the first place osmanthus lovers should visit. Walking on the stone steps up the hill, you may soon find a faint sweet odor of osmanthus flowers coming into your nose from time to time.And then you may see those lovely yellowish opening buds on the branches with green leaves. An entertaining view of a fully covered hill in Weyue Osmanthus Garden by Sweet Osmanthus floweres will appear very soon.
You can also visit the Sports Recreation Garden and the Sweet Osmanthus Garden in Luo Binwang Park in Yiwu, Where a lot of sweet osmanthus trees are already in full bloom, with the topaz flowers bending the branches. Standing among the flowers you can smell a strong aroma. The flowers of that Orange Osmanthus in Sports Recreation Garden are turning red, looking very special among the yellow clouds of sweet osmanthus flowers.
The suitable temperature this year provokes the early bloom of sweet osmanthus. The optimal temperature for sweet osmanthus blossom is between 28 centigrade to 30centigrade. The continuous rainfall a few days ago is also a direct natural factor that caused the early bloom. If the cool weather lasts on, local residents can appreciate the beautiful scenery of blooming osmanthus flowers during the Mid-autumn Festival.

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