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Strike in Milan

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2012-07-03

June 22th, 2012 It cannot be hotter in Milan this summer, as the outdoor temperature reached 36 degree in the daytime.
And I unfortunately got a huge blister in my foot when the first interview day came to an end.
What is worse, I witnessed a general strike of Milan subways and parts of its bus routes on the last day of this interview week. The majority of models have no choices but to run to the interviews. I know some of you, my dear readers, will ask me: why don't you take a cab? Let me tell you that the minimum cab fare in Milan is six euro (about 48 yuan), and the tally meter in the cab starts to jumpin every five seconds once I hail a cab. Staring at the tally meter, I'm feeling a cleaner soaking upour money in my pocket ceaselessly.
That's why we run.
Our agency always informs us on the last day of interview week that there are unscheduled interviews awaiting us. At this moment we have to be in a race against time. Most male models will prepare one vest or two in their packsacks - so they could take off their sweaty coats and put on the clean vests instead.
And today was my last interview day. Just as I signed in at the interview place of PORTS, my agency called me to rush to ARMANI for fittings. If the metro is functioning normally, I can definitely go to ARMANI first and go back to PORTS for interview before it is too late. But, as you know, the metro is on a strike......
I explained my emergency situation to interviewers of PORTS in no time, they were on my side and arranged for my interview ahead of time. Once it was over, I rushed to the place of ARMANI by taking a cab. What astonished me was that many urban streets were closed down because of the strike.
When the tally meter almost jumped to 20 euro (about 160 yuan) in front of me, after I found out that there were only 4 blocks from where I had been to ARMANI, I thanked to the driver, got off the cab, trotted alongside to ARMANI, and it was just in time. I didn't feel the terrible pain on the foot until I calmed down, and I thought it was worthy.

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