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Commodity Exports to the Middle East Suffered Half Sweet

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-12

The Middle East has always been an important destination of Yiwu Commodity exports, accounting for almost 1/3 of the total exports. From January to April this year, exports by Yiwu Customs Middle East $ 940 million, an increase of 22.9%; export cargo of 743,000 tons, an increase of 11.1%. But specific to the various Middle Eastern countries, commodity exports, the situation is strong contrast. Some countries flourish, some stagnated, or even a downward direction.
  Yiwu Customs officers this year, due to the escalation of the Iranian nuclear issue, the United States and Europe to increase sanctions on the Iranian economy, the rapid depreciation of the Iranian Rial against the U.S. dollar, Yiwu small commodities traded in U.S. dollars to Iran more significantly expensive, which has the Yiwu Iraq exports resulted in a greater impact. The data show that the first four months of this year, Yiwu Customs export to Iran $ 130 million, down 16.3 percent. In this situation, and Iran as long as 27 months has also been replaced in India. In addition, the situation in Syria has continued unrest, domestic conflict, greatly affected the exports of Yiwu on the classification. 1-4 period this year, exports of Yiwu Customs Syria $ 13.89 million, down 41.9 percent.
  But at the same time, some Middle Eastern countries, commodity export situation has continued to "hot". By the positive impact of the Libyan reconstruction, Yiwu Commodity exports to facilitate rapid recovery, 1-4 period this year, exports of Yiwu Customs Libya $ 55,220,000, an increase of more than two times the growth rate in the countries in the Middle East, the outlook is expected to still have more room for growth. In addition, the exports of Yiwu small commodities to Egypt is growing rapidly, before four menstrual Yiwu Customs Export Egypt $ 110 million, an increase of 70.2%, export value is second only to Iran, ranking second in the Middle East.
  The face of change, customs suggestions: First, a high degree of attention to the development of the situation in the Middle East to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the commodity export situation to guide enterprises to reasonable grasp the rhythm of the import and export, and improving response to changes in the market capacity. Second, actively introduced to improve the export credit insurance premium support, export credit insurance, financing and discount policies to encourage enterprises to participate in export credit insurance, to improve their ability to withstand risks.
  It is understood that the Yiwu Customs in response to the Middle East situation continue to pay close attention to the export market changes and to provide information support to enterprises to root out the Middle East market. Strengthen customs clearance facilitation measures, the identification of two major business processes by optimizing the declaration given on the export of small commodities to facilitate customs clearance, reducing the corporate time and logistics costs, commodity exports, the Middle East market is more competitive.

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