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Raincoats, Umbrellas and Rain Boots are in Hot Sale

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-13

According to the Yiwu index inventory of office yesterday released China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 280 weeks price index, the current weekly price index of 103.96 points, slightly downstream.
  Positive increase of the domestic consumer market, a number of industry to usher in the sale of small peak. Southern rain weather frequently to related industries such as sales, raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots considerable amount of walking; the entrance end of the primary and secondary schools are close to the end, toys, glasses, electronic appliances, such as industry, brewing Summer Student peak consumption; daylight saving high temperature sustained, bedding, automotive supplies, daily necessities, such as industry turnover to maintain stability; foreign trade market and stabilize the European Cup and the Olympics and other major events will be held still part of the end of a single sports and entertainment products, office supplies and other industries.
  Weekly price index for the previous period, the current week price index showed a slight downward trend from 104.01 points the previous period fell to 103.96 points. Trading floor order price index, export trading price index rose to varying degrees, the venue direct transaction price index edged down, online transaction price index unchanged from last week.
  The price index of the 15 categories, 7 up 7 down. Seven categories, toys, hardware and electrical materials, apparel and other ring to rise, the largest increase of 1.8 points; daily necessities, electronic, sports and entertainment articles in seven categories fall in varying degrees, the maximum a decrease of 2.47 points; jewelry class is unchanged from last week. 97 two categories, the proportion rose to 33 percent, fell to 32% of the unchanged ratio of 35%.

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