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Jerry's Dream Road in Paris I

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-21

June. 11th, 2012 It was the first day of the interviews for the upcoming'Paris Fashion Week-Spring/Summer 2013 col lections'. Getting up at half past seven in the morning,
my colleague in Beijing and I took a quick shower, had a simple breakfast, and hit the road to our model agency. The weather in June in Paris was as restive as a little child, clinging to the coolness the spring brought here,hesitating to let the golden sun shine over the city and sometimes even dousing the city with drops of cold rains to show his caprice.
Interviews of Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan could be described as the cruelest interviews in the modeling world. The top models all over the world would gather in Paris and Milan for a whole week before the Fashion Week, to attend the interviews offered by various kinds of International brands. With a map in hand, models will shuttle from every single street to another in both cities for dozens of interviews in only one day. Over 100 interviews are awaiting models during these two FashionWeeks,and it would be great if
the passing rate can be reached to 10 per cent.
my model agency in Paris'New Madison' i s Located near t h e Pompidou Center.'New Madison 'i s an established company, pictures of a large portion of endorsing models for brands of clothing can be seen on the company's'Model Card' wall.
S i n c e i t was the first d a y f o r the interview week, I should by convention go to my agency first to get the interview list and my specializedmodel card for Fashion
I said 'Hi'to every agent I met and they greeted me with a typical French hug:' Welcome back Jerry''

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