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Export enterprises how to deal with the buyer, the risk of bankruptcy

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-16

Such as the large British clothing retailer Peacocks and sporting goods buyers in the United States case is not an isolated phenomenon, in the face of the severe economic situation, the "bankruptcy" has become a common means of foreign enterprises. Close through bankruptcy protection procedures for bankrupt enterprises, enterprises, debts and liabilities of the Pre-Pack "approach to the sale of assets and other forms can get self-protection. The other hand, domestic export enterprises because of the bankruptcy, suffered a greater risk of loan losses.
  In the United States, for example, the U.S. federal bankruptcy law, Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in particular, express: the bankruptcy proceedings are divided into voluntary liquidation (application by the debtor) and compulsory liquidation (by request of its creditors); the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Law " 11 "bankruptcy reorganization," also referred to another kind of liquidation of the way, that is not property of the debtor immediate liquidation, but by the debtor and creditors to negotiate a reasonable and confirmed by the court reorganization plan.
  According to incomplete statistics, more than 99.5% of the U.S. bankruptcy cases by the debtor's voluntary liquidation; into forced bankruptcy liquidation procedure is almost impossible to back claims as unsecured creditors of the export enterprises in the overseas buyers; the United States only 13% the bankruptcy of enterprises ultimately successful reorganization out of bankruptcy protection. Seen, this provision is generally used in the United States led to the loss of export enterprises in China could have foreseen.
  It is understood, are not familiar with the legal environment and operating procedures of the countries in which the bankrupt export enterprises are often difficult to participate in the reorganization and liquidation of the assets of the debtor's insolvency process, the losses at greater risk. The SINOSURE the Yiwu Marketing Services Division is responsible for closed Shiwei said, for registration of claims, many companies do not know what material, how a lawyer, because of the limited time of registration of claims, the enterprises must move fast. Also recommended that the export enterprises to pay attention to three aspects of trade in points: First, the link depending on the signing of the safeguard clause in the contract is signed; shipment delivery aspects of attention to understand the customs regulations of the importing country; aware buyers bankruptcy information or to receive the materials sent by the insolvency administrator, be sure to pay attention, pay attention to communication and exchange with the buyer to maintain a smooth flow.

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