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Ugandan Vice-President to visit Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author:       Date: 2009-11-27

Ugandan Vice President Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina his party in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador to Uganda Qiu-hua, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office Gu Jianxin, accompanied by the city. City leaders Zhi-Ping Huang, Ho Mei-hua, m-bin met with the Vice-President and his party, and entertained the guests from afar.

The territory of the Republic of Uganda, an area of approximately 24.1 million square kilometers, is located in eastern Africa, east Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, at the junction of South and West and the Democratic Republic of Congo border, adjacent to the north and the Sudan. Mostly in the plateau of about 1,200 meters above sea level, multi-Lake, the "plateau rivers and lakes," said. In Uganda, the national economy, agriculture and animal husbandry dominated, agricultural output accounted for 70% of the gross domestic product, agricultural exports accounted for 95% of Uganda's total exports. In 1962, China and Uganda established diplomatic relations since the establishment of diplomatic ties, Sino-Uzbek cooperation in political, economic and other fields within the friendly and cooperative relations have developed smoothly.

During a visit to the International Trade City, the Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina before his eyes dazzling, beautifully produced commodities deeply attracted to from time to time stopped and asked in detail about the price, origin, material, etc., and types of range of Yiwu Small Commodity admiration, he exclaimed, Yiwu small commodity market prosperity and well-developed.

Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina said that Uganda attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges with China, since established diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have developed smoothly with fruitful achievements. On behalf of the President of Uganda to the Chinese government expressed appreciation for the help. He said that in the hope that the visit to strengthen ties with Yiwu cooperation and promote the Ugandan economy to a higher level development. Uganda is a beautiful country, the temperature suitable, abundant agricultural products, but in the product manufacturing process to Yiwu to learn. He hoped that businesses can go to Yiwu study tour in Uganda to promote economic development in Uganda to help the people of Uganda poverty alleviation, and lead a good life such as the Chinese people.

During his meeting with Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina, the Jinhua Municipal Committee, Party secretary of Yiwu Zhi-Ping Huang on behalf of municipal party committee of the arrival of the delegation a warm welcome, and gave details of the economic and social situation and hand Yiwu rattle-drum way in the world of "righteousness business spirit." HUANG Zhi-ping said that the prosperity of Yiwu market, traders around the world can not do without the concerted efforts and support of the Ugandan businessmen to do business in Yiwu contribution to express my heartfelt gratitude. He expressed the hope that the future of Uganda and Yiwu to further strengthen economic exchanges and cooperation, and welcome to Yiwu, Enterprise Uganda to attend the exhibitions, display products, the same time, Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina invitation of Vice-President expressed his thanks. Zhi-Ping Huang said, Yiwu City municipal government will give full play to the role of local government for China-Africa cooperation, a memorandum of cooperation between Uganda and the specific implementation of Zhejiang, the efforts of the full support of Yiwu business to go and study tour in Uganda.

Yesterday, Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina vice president also went to Beckman, Boni clothing, China Xin handicraft and furniture companies such as market tours. During a visit to the production line, the delegation of advanced production equipment and production processes to show interest. Gilbert Balikpapan Se Kabu Caina also pleased for the Beckman company and every year the corporation inscription and proposed letter of intent, wish to establish joint ventures. During a visit to the process, the mission to China Xin iron handicraft rattan handicraft production is very interested in that these products are suitable for Ugandan market in the local great potential for development, hope the factory will send technical personnel to go to Uganda, the whole process of production skills training.

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