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Yiwu market,strong sales season is coming

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-09-24

According to the Office of indices released yesterday Yiwu China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 244 weeks price index, the current week price index was 102.9 points, after continue rising to adjust down. Into September, the products in the second half of year gradually in good selling, Clocks, audio-visual equipment, home improvement classes, textile products and other products sold small contribution, up to a good market; influenced by the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, European and American festivals, arts and crafts classes, new toys, packaging and others are in big demand, the transactions and orders increased significantly, popularity is expected to further warming; some products, such as neck jewelry, beauty products like skin care products, the sale of these summer hot products are down, autumn and winter new products keep in the shelves, sales are expected to hold steady.

Price index adjusted down
According to the Yiwu index information display, different from the first few weeks price index, the current week price index is show down after continued to rise, from the period 104.09 points down to 102.9 points. Export transaction prices, trading floor order prices, direct trade floor price index showed a different rate of decline. Online trading price index is the same as the last week.
    In 15 categories of Price index, 6 up 9 down. Among them, the bags, electronic, office goods, total 9 big categories emerged rise trend, the biggest fluctuation up to 1.39 points; accessories and packaging, clothing apparel, sports and entertainment articles and other six categories index fell to varying degrees, the largest drop of 3.71 points. In 97 two categories index, the rise proportion is 41%, the down proportion is 32%, the flat rate is 27%.

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