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Joint handle procedures reduce people’s 21 thousand times to run the windows

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2011-09-28

"In the past, companies set up registration for at least eight working days, only five days now, and can run a few windows." Yesterday, in the Yiwu administrative service center, a company's staff told reporters.
His handling window, called "joint handle procedures window," is just set up in Yiwu.
At present, the launched joint handle procedures window including two types: company set up joint processing, joint registration of commercial housing. According to statistics, the company set up and registration window will reduce the times of people running the widows from five to one, submitted data from 26 down to 9; Commercial housing joint registration window reduce the times of people running the widows from 2 to 1, the processing time reduced from 12 days to 7 days. At present, Yiwu handles 4000 company establishment and 5000 registration of commercial housing a year. On this basis, each year people can reduce 21,000 times to run the window, save more than 10 million copy output for the people every year.
    The window is mainly handled through a joint information management platform, joint related department of company establishment and commercial housing registration to establish a database of natural persons, legal persons database and the work information database, to achieve inter-departmental data sharing and exchange approval.
"When companies apply for registration, after checking name, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and seal engraving for the record, etc, by sharing information management platform for co-processing, at the same time, through automatic data exchange, follow-up windows are no longer entry the majority of data, improve the level of application of information technology. "Yiwu Administrative Service Center officials said.

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