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Yiwu Africa Products Exhibition Center is noteworthy all over the world

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-09-25

Dr. kazuyoshi Aoki is the professor of International Relations in Japanese university, his majoy research areas are Africa issues. As the trade between Africa and China booms, Dr. Kazuyoshi Aoki started his study in the bitateral trade between Africa and China, and then got to know the Africa Products Exhibition Center in yiwu Internationa Trade Market On Sept. 8th, he led an Africa issues Research team of 7 persons from japanese University, to this famous Yiwu Africa Products Exhibition Center in the Distric 5 mart. In this trade base involving Africa products. Dr. Kazuyoshi Aoki accepted this interview with our reporter.

Q: Does japan has a similar Africa Products Exhibition Center as that in Yiwu?
A:No. I guess there is only one Africa Products Exhibition Center here all over the world.
I've always wanted to come here to visit this Africa Products Exhibition Center. Now I'm here and this center has a welldeserved reputation. Besides demonstrating the products from Africa countries, every single national pavition here spreads their own unique culture customs, this center could be called as a window of bilateral trade between Africa and China.

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