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Zhangjun, the director of Yiwu Customs

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-07

Last year, Yiwu Customs have received 310000 export declarations of Yiwu Commodity and supervised 576000 standard export containers. There are more than 1000 standard containers of Yiwu commodity exported in every day which account for one third of Hangzhou customs district.

The director of Yiwu Customs Zhangjun said, Hangzhou Customs began to carry out reform of new supervise model in Yiwu from October in last year. The major model is building one platform and one mechanism. “One platform” refers to intangible informationized supervise platform which focuses on building supervise model of merchants networking. It is to put records of operating aptitude of merchants and foreign trade agency company. According to honesty records, the Yiwu Customs will manage differently and propose that abiding by law will bring convenience. Using this platform, Yiwu Customs can notify the export information of commodity and credit information. It can also connect with industry and commerce department and inspection and quarantine department with Internet.
“One mechanism” refers to comprehensive governance of many departments, having united administration and defense of protecting intellectual property and attacking illegal smuggling. In this aspect, Yiwu Customs has explored in advance, especially in protecting intellectual property which has formed “Yiwu sample”. It has moved supervise point of view forward and backward to realize that source can be traced, risk can be checked and responsibility can be held.

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