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Yiwu pilot project,pride of Zhejiang

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-06

May 5 and 6, 2011 must be recorded in the development history of Yiwu. In recent days, the debriefing and mobilization meeting of Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform are held in succession at Yiwu city.
The leaders of NDRC(national Development and Reform Commission),Commerce Department, the General Administration of Customs, SAIC(State Administration of Industry and Commerce), AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision), the major leaders of provincial party committee and provincial government, major leaders of provincial government agencies and prefectural-level cities gather in Yiwu to talk about “Yiwu pilot project” and the development of Yiwu. “Yiwu pilot project” is beneficial to Yiwu and development of Zhejiang. It can also help Zhejiang province to seek for a new great development、transformation and spanning.
Yiwu, once a small city of Central Zhejiang, has been a typical representative of Zhejiang province which is a big market province、big foreign trade and big private economy province. No matter tracing origins or keeping going, there are two days worthy of being remembered.

September 5, 1982. In this day, Yiwu established a professional commodity market which was new in china. Then Yiwu put forward the development strategy of “Promoting Business and Building County”. Now, Yiwu has a commodity market group which is called “The biggest market in the world”. Yiwu has become the big platform for exporting “made in China” and distributing centre for overseas good commodities to snatch share of Chinese big market.

March 4, 2011. In this day, the State Council gave an official approval of “The overall Scheme of Zhejiang Yiwu international trade comprehensive pilot project”. This is the first county-level city’s comprehensive pilot project which has been approved by State Council. And it is the first national comprehensive pilot project of Zhejiang province. There are more than 2800 counties (city, district) in China and 90 counties (city, district) in Zhejiang. In the aspect of economic strength or comprehensive strength, Yiwu is not the best. Someone has asked: “Why is it in Yiwu?”
The reasons for choosing Yiwu to be the international comprehensive pilot project are the unique character of Yiwu and strategic considerations of provincial Party committee and provincial government. Yiwu is supported by Zhejiang. The legend of Yiwu is also the legend of Zhejiang.
In the key point of history, “Yiwu pilot project” is the strong engine to the rise of Central Zhejiang. It is also the forceful footnote to create pride of Zhejiang, to create new superiority of system and new legend of social economic development. Zhejiang open economy is facing a new opportunity of great development and transformation.

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