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more and more America customer come to Yiwu

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2011-05-04

Rahaman is from central America island country, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. A couple of days ago, he went to Baiyue window decorations Company and were attracted by European style curtain.
When he came to sample holder, he saw a about 2 -meter -long electroplating curtains frame and asked the price informally. Mr Zhu answered that it was 27 yuan. Out of expectation, Rahaman purchased 400 box( 12 frames in a box). Then he was interested in another 20 products and purchased goods which value more than 200,000yuan.

 What surprises us is that Rahaman did not bargain from beginning to end. Even some products are more expensive than before.
 Afterwards, Mr Zhu knew from translator that it is Rahaman’s first time to come to Yiwu. Before this time, this middle-aged customers purchased goods at Guangzhou and he is a frequent customer at Canton Fair.

After the first phase of spring Canton Fair, he told to foreign trade company that he wanted to come to Yiwu.
Because this company has business contact with Baiyue window decorations company, so they took Rahaman to this shop.

  EU standard , Global marketing
 Change market, don’t change standard

Because most products were exported to Europe before, the product quality of Baiyue window decorations company has met the EU Standard.

But, compared to EU countries’ test standard, the standard of countries in emerging market is lower. Does this mean Baiyue can lower its standard accordingly?
Mr Zhu said, “We position our products at media and high grade level. From the development of enterprise, the product quality will become better and better.” The countries located at central South America and North America were colonies of European developed countries. They are close to Europe at habits and customs and appreciation of beauty. So the sale volume in emerging market may become bigger and bigger. Since he has decided to run long-term business, the quality of products can only to be better.

Mr Zhu also said that the reason why his products can enter into emerging market is related to “meeting EU standard”. Actually, many customers from emerging market choose to place orders just because they feel satisfied with this point.

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