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Yiwu International trade city district 5 Transportation Guide
Source:Yiwu sourcing agent Author:Gary Date:2011-05-02  
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body  Yiwu market is also attached great importance to the traffic around, the district 5 around the regional transport market, the distrcict 5 detailed market survey company staff to optimize the traffic sign marking makes clear, accurate and to ensure that the market and the surrounding area traffic order. Market driving one-way roads, vehicles enter the market by the entrance of the inner Ring Road Road, traveling counterclockwise, the road from the market into the municipal road, near the entrance to each direction in the market are equipped with temporary parking lot for temporary parking of vehicles reduce vehicle in the driveway of stay.

It is reported that distrcict 5 in each parking lot entrance of the market are equipped with similar parking card system. There are five parking spaces, Marketing 5687, respectively located in the roof, ground floor, second floor, outside the ground. Among them, the ground 556 parking spaces (not including temporary parking spaces), 2,997 underground parking spaces, an entrance from the west, respectively, the second entrance of the South, the East Second entrance, and east entrance, roof spaces 1314, located on each floor lane 820 temporary parking spaces.

A surface parking lots are east, the East Second parking lot, South, South Second parking lot, West One, West and North car park two parking 7. East and west in the market, each set up a motorcycle parking lot. When the foreign vehicles into the parking lot entrance, import system will automatically spit cards, car owners park admission With this card came out again when the cost of settlement.

distrcict 5 around the market with an elevated lane, and the similarities with the four Pacific markets. Vehicles directly to the five regions of the roof of the parking lot and four districts, five districts of the various floors, each floor are set in a temporary parking spaces.

Five of Marketing 12 bus direct line:

Five District Market East: S310 (37 provincial) "Ma car" stations, four bus lines are 361,363,365,368 can be reached by road.

Five South Pacific market:Yiwu  Yinhai Road "temporary stop point" station (near the south gate of the market), there are 363,365,368 Road three bus lines can be reached.

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