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The Police and the Banking Financial Institutions to Fight Anti telecommunicatio

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-06-26

As a mark of effective prevention of the crime of wire fraud, and further increase precautionary measures against telecommunications fraud Recently, Yiwu, the police and the banking financial institutions jointly launched a series of initiatives to combat and prevent the crime of wire fraud.
  In recent years, the use of fixed telephone, mobile phone, Internet and other communication tools and media, through phone calls, send text messages, e-mail, video false advertising the way to winning, recruitment, car accidents, "Guess who I am." high incidence of remittance transfers, "posing as a consumer notice CUP", "telephone arrears" contraband "in the" tax rebate "," mail parcels, "posing as a State organ", "Security Account" under the name of telecommunications fraud. a larger proportion of the car tax rebate telecom fraud.
  On the one hand, the police and the banking financial institutions to strengthen the presence of bank staff and lobby security training, improve the ability of employees and security of the identification of such a crime, to guard against fraud alerts and security reminders as to handle the business a workflow link to treat . Look nervous, constantly answering the phone, look at cell phone text messages, or other unusual moves have been deceived customers, bank staff and security to ask what the reason, a gentle reminder to customers to avoid being taken to do everything possible to avoid cases occur.
  On the other hand, people work together to do the publicity work. In the banking establishments door LED electronic screen insert to play the anti-fraud publicity slogans, there is no electronic screen anti-fraud publicity banners hanging in the place of business, to prevent publicity board (card) placed in the main entrance of the eye-catching place of business, put in the place of business striking at put anti-fraud publicity materials. The unusual move of fraudulent customer bank staff and security to a timely reminder of distributing promotional materials, and paste in the place of business cash withdrawals tank cabinet to prevent remind. The display of self-service equipment must be displayed in the normal course of business before the security prompt.
  The police and the bank to remind the general public: Any financial, Vehicle, and the name of a call or send text messages that you purchased a motor vehicle can enjoy the car tax rebate policy, and asked for the accounts to receive tax rebates are in the fraud. All unexplained will bring you the economic interests of the benefits of telephone, text messaging, are likely to be fraud, please think twice and to, do not be deceived

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