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Christmas Supplies Trade Orders Gradually Ending

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-19

Jin Xu Lan has two stores in the International Trade City, in the early years, she followed her sister to make Christmas ornaments, then she did it along, because she has the factory and developed team, her Christmas business started fairly stable. Turning to the present foreign trade market, Jin Xu Lan is not so at ease.
    "Most of our products are sold to Europe and South America, as the euro fell, this year is not good." Jin said, an Italian guests comes to the store to place 20 million RMB orders every year, this year only place small orders, it is estimated that tens of thousands of RMB. There are a Filipino guest  disappears, she can not wait for orders Jin Xu Lan took the initiative to contact guests, sent him some new pattern, mail like into the black hole, no feedback.
    " The factory there are some goods can be completed before the end of October. Foreign trade goods orders came in the same year as previous year, but the quantity is small, most of the guests are shipped by LCL. Jin Xu Lan said many foreign investors in order to "fill" export container, most of them choose Christmas items. Christmas items are not afraid of being stocked, always can sell before Christmas, so foreign investors prefer to take the Christmas items. Because LCL, their amount is not big, only one or two cartons. "
    The foreign trade market this year is worse than previous years, Jin Xu Lan acts like most businessman, find her own way to solve this problem. Reporter saw in her shop, only Christmas garland products, there are more than 40 new styles. " Gold powder, glitter, they are in hot sale." Jin Xu Lan said, the size of 20 cm garlands are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. For candlestick wreath is a unique new product, decorative wreath on a candlestick pedestal was originally used as a pendant garlands surprisingly, as the candlestick ornaments placed on the desktop, has opened up new business opportunities for the Christmas wreath.

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