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Yiwu Import and Export Data in January-August Released

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-25

This week, Yiwu Customs and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce released import and export statistics in January-August. In fact, if we focus on relevant data for each month this year, together with international and domestic affairs, it is not difficult to guess.
  "' imports and exports increased by 16%", "export increased by 17.41%, Yiwu customs and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce given two different data, of course, it is matter with their different statistical methods, data sources.
  The data looks good, but there are still many difficulties and problems, this is a common view in the industry. Data from the Customs show this growth has been enough to be ranked first in the province, after all, the province's "top spot" is not so good to sit. However, the world economy is still hovering at the bottom, still showing weak in external demand, trade protectionism be more powerful, the world economic recovery cannot achieved in the short term. Although relieve pressure on domestic inflation and the appreciation of the RMB, but the lack of orders and the rising cost still be problems faced by foreign trade enterprises. In a nutshell, Yiwu foreign trade situation is still grim. See from the small point, the individual sectors of the city in August, the original export peak period, but suffered growth fell, it is more worthy of our reflection.

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