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Yiwu Passed the Assessment and Acceptance of the State Intellectual Property Mod

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-28

In the assessment and acceptance briefing on the Panel hearing the reports created in yesterday's national IPR demonstration city, access to information and experts question exchange, agreed to model city of examination and testing of the city by the State Intellectual Property. City leaders Ge GQ, Wu Sen to participate will be assessed and reported on the city to create jobs.
  Since March 2010, the city as a model city of the State Intellectual Property record Jianshiyilai, municipal government attaches great importance to co-ordinate planning, meticulous planning, orderly fashion all the work of intellectual property rights. The past three years, the city's intellectual property management ability, creative ability, the ability to protect the use of the ability to rapidly enhance the awareness of intellectual property work to further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights of local characteristics to further highlight the city's more than 3000 patent applications, granted patents abroad implementation zero breakthrough in the development of comprehensive strength of the trade mark in the county-level city, the province's first.
  National IPR demonstration city examination and testing group spoke highly of the city to create work that the city has successfully completed the objectives and tasks created by the national IPR demonstration city, agreed to acceptance, and hope that the city demonstration city create new breakthroughs, new development.

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