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Yiwu companies are rushing to dig the market opportunities in Africa

Source: wow yiwu    Author: Nancy      Date: 2013-04-25

Face of the gradual warming Sino-African trade, Yiwu owners who are good at digging opportunities naturally strive to share a piece of “cake”. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yiwu trademark registration agency that since the national leaders visited several countries in Africa, many of Yiwu enterprises  come to consult the registration of a trademark in African countries. Currently, there are several active companies have successfully got some African countries Trademark Registration Certificate. It is expected that this trend will be increasingly popular.
A few days ago, Yiwu Blue Sword mosquito plant received a receipt from Algeria trademark registration. It is said that their application for registration of "hackers" trademark has been audited by the relevant departments, allowing for use in Algeria.
"More and more enterprises are optimistic about the, and future competition in the market will gradually intensified." said by the Yiwu Commodity Manufacturing business executives Mr. Yang. He thinks that registering brand in African market is as important as opening market before others. Only rely on brand strategy to gain a foothold can company nip in the bud. 
Mr. Yang said: “Enterprise registered trademarks in African countries can reflect the determination of long-term development which can dispel the many concerns of local businesses.” For African dealers and trading partners, the company with the local legal trademark is more trustworthy, can establish a more stable relations of cooperation.

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