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Iran become the largest export destination countries of Yiwu Small Commodity

Source: wow yiwu    Author: Nancy      Date: 2013-04-29

    Report from our correspondent in April 19th, it learned from Yiwu Customs that the first-quarter Yiwu Customs export commodity in the Middle East amounted to $ 830 million, an increase of 35.5%, accounting for 36.4% of the total export commodities in Yiwu Customs in the same period.
Over the years, Jinsheng costumes maintained close economic ties with the Middle East. Trousers, shirts, thermal underwear ...... the company closely linked to the characteristics of the Middle East to capture business opportunities in the apparel industry.
"Although there are several of disputes in the Middle East these years, there are also opportunities in the crisis. If we can grasp it, it can be a good business opportunity."
    According to the Customs officers, since the beginning of this year, with the gradual stabilization of the situation in Iran and other places, Commodity exports showed a rapid growth momentum in the Middle East. Yiwu Small Commodity exports to Iran amount $ 180 million, an increase of 65.7%, becoming the largest commodity export destination countries; exports to Egyptian amount 100 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 33.4%; exports to Iraq amount $ 080 million, an increase of 80%.  Middle East countries occupy four seats in the top five export destination countries of Yiwu Small Commodity.

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