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Zhejiang Padlock: Good Platform is Necessary

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-10-11

Fair is not only a platform of domestic and foreign enterprises of businesses "Danlian" treasure, but also a wide range of industries "group drills. For "going out" as for the development of the industry a path padlocks Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu Fair will not be absent.
  According to the president of the Interaction Between padlock Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, was established in June 2003, nearly 200 existing member units, distribution in Pujiang, Haining, Yiwu, Tonglu, Wuyi, which the Pujiang accounted for 90% or so. Pujiang lock industry in 2011 industrial output value of 44.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9%, and an export value of 1.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 55.4%, a year-on-year increase of 30.4% in profits and taxes. New leap forward in the industry's total enterprise scale growing scale enterprises, including more than 20 million yuan to 24.
  "Association based services for the purpose of, in the service industry to enhance the association trying to duty." Said Zhou Xiaoming, to improve the competitiveness of the industry, the Association has invested some of the financial, human and material resources, in addition to actively carry out standardized quality upgrade, regional brand, public technical service platform to create a series of work outside, "to exhibit" enhance the industry is an important part. To help guide enterprises to develop domestic and international markets, and improve the overall influence of the padlock industry associations to participate in the exhibition as an important task of the industry. April Yiwu China Hardware Fair, China International Hardware Show in September, is followed by October Yiwu Commodities Fair.
  "Fair influence, so close Pujiang Yiwu, Yiwu market has always been Pujiang enterprise value and rely the organizations' radius of ',' gold barrier ',' plum ',' White Horse ',' Wu 'more than 10 exhibitors took 25 booths. "said Zhou Xiaoming, delegation to participate in the Fair, the addition to the list, it is more important to make friends, understand the information in order to publicize and promote Chinese lock. Zhejiang lock locks the representatives of China, with considerable technical content. Featuring by Pujiang leading enterprises and participate in the revision of the national padlocks industry standard with its scientific, advanced and operability experts spoke highly of, was the end of last year, the announcement shall come into force this year.
  The padlock industry associations in Zhejiang delegation walked Fair, expect more "intimate contact" with the merchants in the show, in order to improve the province padlock enterprises the ability to participate in international competition in the high-end market.

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