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IPR customs file and escort the Independent brand enterprise going out

Source: Link yiwu    Author: Nancy      Date: 2013-05-02

The afternoon of April 22, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Trade and Industry Bureau, customs went into the International Trade City to made a propaganda training on the patent applications, trademark, IPR customs protection filing. IPR customs protection and file training aroused strong concern of most business users.
This reporter learned that, at present, China's IPR customs protection is divided into wo modes of enforcement: active protection and passive protection. "if the companies don’t make the record, initiative saver of Customs IPR customs will not be started, and the allegedly infringing products can not be identified." Yiwu Customs staff told reporters that, at present, the customs protection of international brands has been well implemented but the Yiwu local businesses its is still unfamiliar. There are many independent intellectual property rights in the market. In order to help enterprises to safeguard their rights, to protect their own intellectual property rights successful 'going out', it is necessary for the businessman learn the customs protection of IPR content. "
"At present, independent intellectual property brand become the key of the customs protection of intellectual property rights."  the relevant responsible person of Yiwu Intellectual Property Work Leading Group Office said,
Facing more varied, subtle, complex network infringement means, enterprises generally feel a lack of experience, comprehensive use of the skills and abilities of the means of rights crackdown. For business needs, Yiwu intellectual property rights leading group make the intellectual property training activities normalized.

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