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Yiwu focus on industry and 'discuss Heroe according to the yield per-mm'

Source: wow yiwu    Author: Nancy      Date: 2013-05-04

Yiwu Economic and Information Commission official said, on industrial land, Yiwu launched the concept of "per-mu yield", that is take the er mu output value, taxes as the core, comprehensive evaluate the enterprise and category management, so that to award superior and eliminating the inferior.
This concept is aim at encouraging the majority of enterprises to intensive using land, promoting the pace of industrial economy to speed up transformation and upgrading. It is reported that Yiwu government is formulating the <implemental program of promote intensive and economical use land>.The implementation of this policy is in the hope that through adjusting the urban land use tax, actively play the leverage roll of the tax, establish the per-mu yield tax-oriented evaluation mechanism, increase support efforts to the company with the great tax contributions, good development prospects. Future land use tax will implement the policy of "differentiation". The company less than the industry average for per-mu yield tax will be levied in full, while the company more than the industry average will be given more than 60% relief; for the company surpassing 100% more than the average can have more than 90% reduce of the land use tax; surpass average more than 200% of the industrial enterprises, land use tax free.
In the future, Yiwu will set up two lists, a "Hall of Fame" and a “Hall of countdown”. "Hall of Fame" announced the top 20 enterprises on the per-mu yield tax revenue with 5 acres or more land; “Hall of countdown” announced the countdown 20 enterprises. The two lists will be published in the newspaper.

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