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Foreign traders said that

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-12

It was learned from 2007 Yiwu Fair concluded quite recently that American businessmen in Yiwu Fair had a big increase, compared with that in previous Yiwu Fair. Over 60% of the 17,011 overseas businessmen in the fair were Europeans and Americans, who purchased large quantities of China made products (expecially Yiwu made products). Despite the recall storm of China made products are winning the trust from European and American purchasers,some insiders said.
Nelson Ran, a daily consumable wholesaler from Britain, has attended four Yiwu Fairs in consecutive years. He and the dealers from his country have confidence in China-made produdcts, because both the quality and the levels of the small commodities in Yiwu Fair are constantly improving and Chinese in China made products,because both the quality and the levels of the small commodities in Yiwu Fair are constantly improving and Chinese government is engaged in cnhancing China made products, he said.
Mole, a German hardware purchaser, came to China to attend Canton Fair and felt lucky to visit Yiwu Fair that is famous for the trade of small commodities, He had heard of the fame of Yiwu small commodities, but he still felt surprised that he could find so many high-quality hardware products at prices lower than that in other Chinese markets. The large number of foreign businessmen in Yiwu Fair was really out of his expectation and the Chinese products in the fair were favored by his counterparts,Mole said.
Rimireg, one of the over ten members of a Spanish purchasing group, said that they all found the products they needed in Yiwu Fair, including sports and recreational products, hosiery, and ornaments. According to his introduction, all the purchasing group members own a good many customeers in Spain,and China made products are still the main commodities they sell.
On the first day of Yiwu Fair,about 8,000 overseas businessmen attended the exhibition, up 13.6% against the last fair. The European for 40% of the total. Besides, the businessmen from the developed countries, such as Spain, Italy, Russia,Canada, and France, had a big increase. In the first four days of the exhibition, the number of American businessmen ranked within the first four places among all the foreign businessmen.
According to statistics, in the five days of exhibition, there were 17,011 foreign businessmen from 172 countries and regions who registered in the exhihition hall, a rise of 5.9% over the previous year. Of them,over 60% came from European and American countries. Besides, the number of overseas purchasing groups hit 85.

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