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Nineteen Yiwu couples celebrate golden anniversary

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Yama      Date: 2007-11-09

It is September, the harvest time, the slight scent of sweet osmanthus perading the air. On September 21, in spite of the fall drizzle, 19 old couples attending Yiwu golden and diamond anniversary celebration felt extremely exhilarated.
Great changes have taken place in Yiwu over the past fifty or sixty years.These 19 affectionate old couples are the witnesses,who would like to share with us their happiness as well as their love stories.
"We've gone through 50 years!" said Gong Chuangkui excitedly, who was preparing to take golden wedding photos. This old man, who had served in the army, did not talk a lot. But when he was asked to tell his experience of pursuing happiness fifty years ago, we could still observe his fortitude typical of a solider in his eyes. In the first half of 1956, the 26-year-old Gong Chuangkui was transferred to Yiwu Guangming Power Plant to work as an accountant. At that time, Gong's workplace was located in the southern gate of the old county seat, with a big road extending and many people hurrying to and fro in front. Accidentally, he was attracted by a graceful and elegant girl who passed by frequently.After a period of his inquiry, he got to know the girl was just living in the neighborhood. And then , Gong finally won her heart by his perseverance. That period of time remains fresh in the memory of Gong's wife mao Yuexin. To her, their most romantic thing at that time was the two films that they saw together in Yiwu Red-star Cinema. Even so, Mao felt very shy. Each time she went to the cinema, she would take her over-10-year-old brother deliberately. Due to their poor economic conditions, they had seldom bought new furniture and clothes when they got married.
Over the forty=old years that followed, Gong and Mao have been loving each other as much as before, despite some quarrels over trivial matters. Gong may seem savorless to his extroverted wife, but his chariness has moved her all her life. For some time, Mao had very bad health; wht is worse, she was badly hurt when she fell to the ground. Gong still did not talk very much, but he took care of her more consideratedly than before, which led to the rapid recovery of his wife." I may keep dining in his ears, but I'll soon miss him if I can't see him for moments," said Mao casually, happiness spreading over her faces.
Among all the elderly who have taken part in the activity, one of the couples celebrating their diamond anniversary was especially eye-catching: the 84-year-old Xiao Jinyuan and the 80-year-old Qiao Shouying. They have been living together for 60 years, both in good health.Qiao is especially hale and hearty. She must be very careful when walking with her husband, otherwise his husband will be soon lagged behind. When the time arrived to have a souvenir photo taken, both of them were in the plain dress , with a bunch of floers in their hands. " This seems more natural and they get used to it," said the family members of the old couple when explaining why they would like be picture in plain dress.
In 1957, Qiao's husband Xiao Jianyuan was transferred from his hometown in Shandong Province to Hangzhou Public Security Department, and then further transferred to Yiwu Public Security Bureau. And Qiao followed his husband to Yiwu.
According to Qiao, those were really busy days, because she worked in the county's silk factory, while his husband worked in the security bureau hardly could they find time to stay together.
Many things have changed over many years, but Qiao's affection for her husband has never. In her words, it is enough to have love in the heart.
Among the three couples enjoying their diamond anniversary, the 85-year--old Tao Guiling was the oldest one. Although her husband Qiu Ruxia was in the hospital, she was accompanied by his daughter to attend this activity with special significance.
Aged at 85, Tao has good eyesight and can talk a lot clearly and logically.Her husband Qiu was an industrious lettrman, who was fancied by Tao's parents accidentally.
After marriage, Tao's husband had served in the ary for many years, while she did housekeeping in the hometown. It was not until 1960 when Tao's husband was transferred to Shangxi High School that the couple finally got reunited ."We are always considerate to and have never been mad at each othe," Tao said. Maybe this is the plainest expression summarizing all the qualities of the couples in Tao's generation, including mutual love, mutual support and mutual trust.

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