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What a conductor

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Gary      Date: 2007-11-09

On the afternoon of Sept.6, Ms. Xu Zhengyu from Lingbei Village of Suxi, accompanied by her family ,came to the bus office of Hopeful Transportation to express her thanks to a conductor named Jin Bifang with a silk banner reading "Lost money returned,elevated character shown".
At 4 p.m. of Sept.2,when Jin Bifang, a conductor of No. 365 Bus from the 9th team of Hopeful transportation,was dong routine cleaning on the bus, she found a wallet with shiping list valued RMB50,000, 3 passbooks valued more than RMB10,000, and cash of several thousands yuan was lying under the back seats. Jin knew that is must belong to some careless passenger. Then she reported to the higher at once and gave the wallet to the controller.
But in a long time no one came to claim the wallet. At the thought of the anxiety of the owner, Jin dialed 114 to look for the telephone number of the name in the passbook , but failed.
To find the owner as soon as possible, Jin went to Lingbei Village in Suxi to book for the owner by herself in the weekend.Finally, she was told that there was a Xu Zhengyu from Anhui that has left a wallet when she went downtown to do some business for the owner of the house Jiang Leqing. After checking with Xu zhegyu, Jin gave back the wallet to the owner. It also lifted a load from Jin's mind. 

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