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Municipal People's Congress visited the market

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-07-02

 June 29, the Municipal People's Congress Chairman Ren Chenxiu cents, deputy director Yan Hong led a part of the Municipal People's Congress, to carry out inspections on the International Trade City, the operation and construction of the international production market. Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Lu Hongbing participate in the inspection activities.
  In the morning, Xiu Xian and his party went to the International Trade City and the construction of the international goods market to carry out inspections, to understand the market operating conditions, ask the progress of construction projects, listen to comments and suggestions on the promotion of the market continued prosperity and development. At the forum, commerce service area of the CMC, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the Mall Group, departmental units were reported market construction and operation. The deputies believe that the importance of support of all sectors at all levels, international goods market is in full swing planned construction, is expected to be completed on schedule the annual target. This year by the impact of complex international situation, the International Trade City, run a whole maintained a growth momentum, the Yiwu market remained steady run. The current market building and running there are some difficulties and problems, the delegates made some comments and suggestions.
  The deputies believe that the major projects of the provincial key projects and provincial services are classified as international goods market is an important part of the construction of "Market District", to further create a strong push forward efforts to speed up the construction progress; to develop ideas, a positive innovation, improve the investment cited the mode of mechanism of efforts to increase investment; to give early consideration to the new market-based facilities and improve the carrying capacity of the operation of the market; to increase the intensity of policy support and nurture new markets to ensure that the market is completed on schedule and prosperous. International Trade City as a city market, the "vanguard" must ensure that its long-term prosperity and stability. The relevant departments of units to focus on research, an accurate grasp of the operation of the market trend; must focus on improving market management and innovation capabilities, improve the market exit mechanism, resolutely curb the speculative share of behavior, and further optimize the business environment; to accelerate e-commerce, tourism, shopping, and imported goods Museum of development, and increase research and open up global trade in overseas markets, and promote the sustainable development of the market.
  Xiu Xian, accelerating the construction of market system, to care for the continued prosperity and development of the market, is the bounden duty of departments at all levels. To further strengthen the market construction and development of an accurate analysis of the assessment of the international and domestic economic situation and market run trend, face up to difficulties and problems encountered in the development, judged that the higher a broader vision, to solve existing problems.

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