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The Peak Season of Textiles has Coming

Source: Yiwu sourcing agent    Author: Helan      Date: 2012-09-13

According to the China Yiwu Small Commodity Index No. 293 weeks price index released yesterday by the Office of the Yiwu index preparation, the current week price index was 103.36 points, down 0.72 points.
  Textile demand steadily upgrade, which of conventional fabric is the mainstream market; underwear products sales steady rise, sales of Bra and Shorts class product is  hot; home daily necessities industry sales rise, traditional spiral, spherical, cylindrical energy-saving lamps mainly in domestic market, laundry supplies is popular, and also in the sales season; in special crafts, tourism and shopping purchases are increasing, prayer beads, robes, monk transactions have some degrees of reduce; the lock industry new listing footsteps "gradual slowdown in sales slightly shrinkage.
  Unlike the last week price index, the current week price index showed a slight downward trend, fell to 103.36 points from 104.08 points of the previous period. Direct trade floor price index rose, the price index of export transactions, trading floor order price index fell slightly, the online transaction price index unchanged from last week.
  3 up, 11 down of the 15 categories of price index. Among them, the three categories of the watch glasses class textile products, hardware and electrical materials class ring rose, by 4.69 points; cultural and office goods, care and beauty products, apparel and other 11 categories of different The degree of decline, the largest drop of 3.62 points; BAGS week trend of the price index is unchanged from last week. 97 two categories, the proportion rose to 32%, the decline in the ratio of 28%, unchanged compared to 40%.

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